Search Engine Optimization Secret to Get High Ranking – Keyword Rich Domains

After a couple of months of using and testing, I’m really excited to launch my latest software tool –
PPC Domain Hound! This little gem exploits a very simple yet powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique. This SEO technique can get you ranked to a number 1 or 2 position in Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines. Basically you need to have your affiliate web site’s URL or domain the SAME as your main keywords. Just watch the video – it explains it all…

PPC Domain Hound!:

PPC Domain Hound!

PPC Keyword Tooz Launched!

Just launched my new software tool – PPC Keyword Toolz! This is really a suite of tools to manage all your keywords for Adwords, Yahoo or MSN. Hey keywords are keywords right! I’ve seen a ton of tools that help you create campaigns, adgroups, ads etc.. And there are a lot of online keyword management tools to clean, typos, multipy, group etc. But they’re all over the place. That’s why i created PPC Keyword Toolz! It puts all these tools into one covenient tool. It’s even got a quick Adwords Campaign creator that takes minutes to create! Check out the video to see PPC Keyword Toolz in action.

PPC Keyword Genie Has Been Launched

I excited to tell you all that my first new IM product has been launhced. I know I have been told not to be a busy fool, but I had SO MUCH FUN doing the whole launch myself. It’s here…

and here’s the promo video:


I did the sales page, the graphics, the whole lot. It may not be the best but I did LEARN A TON of stuff.
Let me know what you guys think.

PPC Keyword Genie About to Launch

I’ve been a bit busy the past few week launching my new software tool that I’ve developed to help me with my PPC Affiliat marketing. You see i’ve actaully started making some money with Affiliate Marketing. I’ve been doing a lot of ClickBank and Commission Junction offers, I’m using Google Adwords mainly. Then I bought this eBook from a rogue Marketer that showed me this really cool strategy that almost no one else seems to be doing. That’s because it’s a really tedious process. So I thought hey I can automate this baby – and hence I created “PPC Keyword Genie” – I’m be launching it in the next couple of days so stay tuned and I’ll let you know when it goes live!

Life After Alex Jeffreys Coaching …

Well I must say stepping out of my comfort zone was probably the best thing I did. I’ve been VERY busy with expanding on my two passions. One is Video editing and the other is writting software. I’ve taken action and created my first clickbank product –

Ulead VideoStudio Complete Training.

It’s 50 video episodes of step by step instructions on how to create compelling video for the web or home.

Check it out: Ulead VideoStudio Complete Training

Currently I’m about to release another product – this time a software tool for the PPC Affiliate Marketer! Can’t say too much until the launch. Stay Tuned as I reveal it’s launch in a few days time.

What is the Invisible Popup?

Most affiliate marketers promote other vendor’s products and in return the vendor gives these affiliate marketers a commission. This commission usually ranges anywhere between 30%-75% (50% being the normal) although have seen commissions as high as 95%!

So here’s the situation. When a person, looking for some product,  lands on an affiliate’s page that is promoting that particular product, the affiliate will ultimately provide a link to the vendor’s page. Included in the link will be the affiliate’s id. This is how the vendor knows who sent the customer to their site and then pays the affiliate the commission. Since the affiliate’s id is visible in the link there are a number of things the affiliate is exposed to.

  • The affiliate is may become a victim of link theft.
  • Some smart customers may hate affiliates since they will make a commission and avoid clicking the link.
  • As an affiliate there are many tools available that can be used to spy on your affiliate business model once your competitor affiliate marketer gets hold
    of your affiliate id.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. So what can we do as an affiliate marketer? Well we can use the Invisible Pop
. Here’s a free version Invisible Popup Generator

The invisible popup is a small piece of encrypted JavaScript code that places a cookie on the visitor’s computer when the user browses to the page. This is extremely powerful because the process is completely transparent to the user and you can provide a real link to the vendor’s site. Even if the user never clicks onwards to the vendor’s site, that cookie will be on the user’s computer the next time he visits the vendor’s site from elsewhere.